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XviD4PSP 8.0.13 Dev Portable

Easy use and high quality program for converting videos for PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, Hardware DVD and PC. Import formats: AVI DIVX ASF MPG MPE M2V MPEG VOB TS M2P D2V MOV QT 3GP HDMOV RM RAM RMVB RPX SMI SMIL MKV OGM WMV DVR-MS PMP FLV. Export formats: PMP AVC, MP4 PSP AVC, MP4 PSP ASP, MP4 iPod, MP4 iPod 640, MP4 iPod Touch, MP4 iPhone, MP4 PS3, MP4 Xbox 360, MP4, AVI, AVI DV PAL, AVI DV NTSC, AVI Hardware, MPEG-2 PAL, MPEG-2 NTSC, MPEG2-TS, MPEG2-PS, FLV, MKV.

Best and most simple way - install latest Klite Codec Pack and forgot about it. Also in this case you get fast decoding function for almost any input media file format.

Important note about codec packs:
Never mix different codec packs. It will kill your system.
Example: uninstall CCCP codec pack before instal Klite Codec Pack!
Also you must uninstall splitters before instal codec pack (Matroska Splitters).

On Windows Vista don`t need install framework, but need need turn off UAC (Control Panel - UAC - X).

Program encode any file playable in Media Player Classic (with DirectShowSource decoder). Require installed codecs for input file decoding. As alternative for problem files can be used FFMpegSource decoder (don`t need external codecs)

Size (7z): 27 Mb
5% recovery record

Download XviD4PSP 8.0.13 Dev Portable

Author: port2fik8
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